The Spiritual Path is Not What You Think!

A student asked me what advise I would give to someone who is starting the spiritual path? I had no hesitation in telling her “It is not what you think it is”. Spiritual development is not an easy path to take. For when one embarks on this path, one begins to clear away sometimes centuries, as well as years of locked stale energy in this life, which has never been expressed. This energy is thought which has not manifested. Yet the energy was started with thought, but never spoken or acted upon. It stays within the body, and in the soul memory also. Everything one experiences in the physical, one also experiences and stores in the soul memory.

Releasing this energy is not an easy task, and many cannot deal with what they have to experience as they do this. The Self (Ego and logic from the left brain) also comes out fighting, as the Higher Self (Intuition and right brain) starts to come into being and become the dominant energy. An almighty battle is waged within as the Self fights for its very existence.

No, taking the spiritual path is not easy, and yet it can be done. My channel has done it, as has her husband Peter. Also many students who have been taught on the Masters courses since the courses inception. Taking the spiritual path is not about denying oneself, doing this will make the path even harder. It is about facing your inner fears, doubts, insecurities, and being totally true to yourself. It is about when that truth is faced, often walking away from situations which no longer hold any joy for you.

Taking the spiritual path is about finding happiness within and without. All of humanity once had this, but have lost it in the stress of the world in the past. It is your destiny to be happy, yet many of you live in such fear, it completely rules your life and creates for you a life you are unhappy with. Yet you keep telling yourself you are happy, often telling others this also, but on a deeper level, being very unhappy in your life. No, life on the spiritual path is not easy, many do not even want to step on the path.

For those who do, you should feel so proud of yourselves. You have to face the most difficult hurdles. Ridicule from friends and family. It means change, often in a big way. At the end of that path is a peace, a bliss which can never be described in Earthly terms. Do not despair if you have left the path, or only taken the path so far then left. You do not lose that time and energy you have put into the spiritual development so far. Whatever you accrue in this incarnation, you will keep, and it will make it easier in the next incarnation. For some, spiritual development has to be done in small steps. Just know that. You are not expected to do it in one incarnation. If you do of course, then you achieve returning home, so much sooner.


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #74 from Maitreya Speaks