Touching and Personal Contact

So many of you do not have personal contact, your skin or body is never touched by another. Yet, the body craves being touched, hugged, held, loved. The majority of you have become so conditioned to not allowing anyone into your space that you have forgotten the feeling of being touched.

One can touch another without being sexual. One can touch another without there being an intention behind it. Touch is the most important part of life. Being touched by another – whether in a massage, by a partner, a friend – is so necessary that you learn to touch each other. Until you can learn to let go of any inhibitions or fears pertaining to personal contact and touching another, then you cannot move forward on your path in life. You stay stagnant, like a pool of stale water, unmoving, the energy inside of you still and dead.

Touch is a part of the initiation process of spiritual development. When you allow another to touch you, you open up your heart chakra, and emotion and feeling can be experienced. Whether in friendship, love, or sexual contact, it is a fundamental part of living and it connects with the energy of your body. A person who is not touched is like a flower without water. The flower calls out for water to all who pass, but nobody waters it. That is what your body does all the time; it cries out to be touched and yet you deny it either through fear – because you fear being hurt – or you feel it is wrong to touch another, especially one of the same sex! A person who is touched on a regular basis – either personal touch through love, sexual contact, a massage, or even by a friend with regular hugs – is a person who glows and who feels alive, for they have fed their soul by allowing that personal contact.

Know that the path to Mastership is not one of austerity, hardship, or pain. It is simply letting go and feeding the soul what it desires on a spiritual level. All aspirants to Mastership have to let go of their fears of personal contact and allow themselves to touch and to be touched. Then the soul will know contentment. Feed the body care and concern through touch, and you are feeding the soul.


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #285 from Maitreya Speaks