There is much fear in the world today due to the economic situation and the way things are and have been created. One thing needs to be said and that is, “All is as it should be!” Someone said to me the other day; “But Master, what about all those poor souls who lost their money in investments? They trusted this person. What will they do?” I told them that they, like everyone else, will learn to survive and will do so. You see, you are all actors on a stage learning many lessons. Of course to those suffering who have lost all they have, one cannot say that to them because at this point of earth time they are grieving their loss.

Many have no income anymore, have had to move in with parents, find jobs wherein prior to this situation they did not have to work. Yet, all have chosen their own reality. When my channel went through her tough recession years, it seemed terrible to her. How could God do this to her? Yet, she had chosen this before this incarnation and today, many years later, she states it was the best and the worst years of her life. She did learn a great deal from the experience and moved herself forward spiritually.

If one were to look at the astrological charts of those who are in dire straits at the moment, one would find it is all there; they have chosen this as part of their learning. What of the perpetrator, what of him? Did he choose this also, to go to jail and sit there for the rest of his life? Yes he did. He too will learn from this experience (unless he chooses to take his own life) and even if he did take his own life, he would have to return to finish off the life he chose in this incarnation. There are no accidents, everything is the way it is supposed to be and one will either learn from the experience, or say, “Woe is me!”

From the most terrible of circumstances can come the most wonderful learning. My channel has a habit of moving the television channels up and down. Recently, she came upon a church service program. Now, she does not normally watch these programs, but this one caught her attention. First, she noticed the Australian accent of the person speaking and, second, he had no arms and no legs – just a torso and a head. He was teaching about feeling sorry for oneself and how it would have been so easy for him to do that. After all, was he not “crippled?” However, his parents had instilled in him that he could do anything and, just as a bumblebee is not supposed to fly because its wings are too big for its body, why should he not live a productive life? His achievements are amazing. With no arms or legs he has made a life for himself.

Each one of you chooses the experiences in your life for YOUR learning and often for the learning of another. Your choices make the future not only of your own life, but also of those around you. The Universe then puts into place what is to happen because of those choices. The situation with the investors who lost all of their money – and many will say their lives – is one in which, hopefully, all of those involved will learn what they need to learn from this experience. For some it will be that they do not need all their fur coats, jewelry, expensive homes, and money in the bank. Many will find that they are so much more comfortable without all of these things. For others it may be that they need to learn how to live with less and how they can manifest once again what they desire, whether that be money or possessions. Many will look upon this as a blessing and realize they can have a different way of life. It will all be up to the choices they make.

Are we heartless in our world? Do we feel their suffering? Yes, we do feel it and we are not heartless; our spiritual hearts feel for them but this is their learning, and the choices they make – positive or negative if you can call them that – will create their new future. It is important to remember that one cannot change what has happened. One cannot live well with anger and resentment. If one is positive about one’s future, then that is what one will manifest.

Life is also full of people who have been reduced to nothing financially and made their way up again. My channel is one of those. Almost thirty years ago, she had nothing – lost everything and was penniless. Now she is a successful business woman. You can say to me, “But Maitreya, some of these people are old and have no livelihood. They cannot earn a living.” And I will reply, “If they allow spirit to lead them and guide them, they will be led to what they need to help them begin again.” One woman has found her artistic talent and is now doing that as a way of making a living.

There is hope for every one of those people if only they can see it. The one thing important to know and remember is they chose that as part of their learning in this incarnation. Hopefully, they will not come back home filled with anger, rage and hatred. They will change their lives, make a better life for themselves, and that way will not have to re-learn the experience, for that is the fate of all those who do not want to face their situations.


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #227  from Maitreya Speaks.