Trust in Change

It is sad when I come to speak with you with helpful information, and you do not want to know it. Many of you choose at some time in your life to change direction with your life, career direction, or family/friend situation. Most of the time in her readings, my channel will tell you about that change; but sometimes I will come in to give you that information personally. It is very interesting in watching the Self part of you fight the information.

The Universe will never leave you without, unless you have chosen it as a life lesson, or you have a karmic debt to experience. Often the new path will bring you more abundance or wealth, but your Self cannot see that and squirms with fear, because it fears the new path! Recently, I came in again to personally give a message to someone who had chosen to change direction in their life path. Their fear was abject and they tried very hard to persuade me, the messenger, it was best to stay on the old path. For, they knew nothing about the new path, but lots about the old path; however, once you make the decision to open the new door, the Universe will bring those who can help you to fulfill and complete it.

YOU just have to trust and know it will work for you, even more if my channel or I bring you the message. How many times have you been given information on a new path and not taken that new path? Instead, you have stayed on the old, unhappy, path, perhaps bored or frustrated! How sad you did that when you could have moved further along your life path, but fear, doubt, and disbelief in yourself has stopped you from moving on. YOU are your own Master, but few of you know you are. You cling to the old ways, never changing, and often returning again and again to the old ways, blinkered from your own future.

There comes a time when, after many incarnations, the Universe says, “Enough! I will create the change for you,” and creates the situation to end the old way, and you are forced to change, whether you like it or not! Do not fear change, welcome it, all the help you need will come to you if you believe it can. Learning to trust and believe is not easy, especially if you have been in the old for so long. Change can bring freedom, new colleagues or friends, it can even bring a new place to live; let the fear go and jump into the new, the Universe never let you fly without someone or something to help you do so. TRUST!


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #369  from Maitreya Speaks.