Unconditional Love

There are many of you who say you have love for another, but how many of you can say that love is unconditional? What is unconditional love? It is the purest form of love, for it transcends all boundaries. Unconditional love needs no approval or praise. It is a love which is given without demands that say, “If I love you, you will do this.”

It is a love which accepts all the partner does. It does not question, and it is given without expectation of anything. Unconditional love is not afraid to be compassionate, to touch, kiss and hold. So many say they have love, but it is not a love of passion or feeling. “Yes I love,” they say, “But I do not love the way you do.” Unconditional love has no barriers; it simply loves. Unconditional love does not hurt another. It does not cause pain or suffering. It does not lie, cheat, demand, confuse or manipulate.

Love when given, is given from the highest levels. It has no disgust, whatever the partner chooses to do or to be; the love accepts and embraces whatever the partner does. So many of you play games with your partners, and you use love as a weapon, which often instills fear – the fear of leaving and of being alone. However, love is not a weapon. It never can be. When anything comes from the heart, it can only be of the highest good.

You have, on the Earth plane today, two types of love: conditional love and unconditional love. Very few souls are capable of unconditional love, but for those souls who give it, and those who receive it, it is truly love of the highest form. Think of the way you love. Is it a love which is unconditional? What does your love expect? If your love expects anything at all, it is not unconditional.

Once two souls can be together in unconditional love, then and only then, can the divine be placed into action, and the souls truly know God or the Divine Being as many know this energy to be. What conditions do you place on your love? What do you expect of your partner, child, friend, parent or associate? If you give an answer to this question, then your love is not unconditional!


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #156 from Maitreya Speaks