We Can Change and the World with It!

My channel was asked the other day “How can we change the world”? This is not an easy question to answer, because there is so much war and fighting in the world today, each side has their own truth. It is this factor that creates the problem.

Humanity cannot change until it can understand the spiritual part of themselves, and the purpose of life. The purpose of life is to move forward, away from old patterning and past life conditioning. To understand that there is a life after death, and that it is in this life after death where each soul will judge itself on the life it has lived. There is no God with a book waiting to denounce you and turn you away to the fires of hell. No, there is only you and your Guardian spirit to see the reaping of a life time of life. It is then that the soul sees whether the reaping is for harvest or for famine.

Humanity cannot change until it can understand and accept the belief system of another without judgment or without criticism. Humanity cannot change until it can understand that those with a darker skin are just as equal as those with a white skin.

The illusion of life, created by consumerism, also needs to change. Life does not come from a packet or a commodity, but from experience and learning. The illusion is that if you buy this product, or that item, your life will change. However, only YOU can change. Sometimes those around you will change also. But you are the one who has to instigate the change.

Change on the earth plane will come with tolerance, understanding, love, and learning about the law of metaphysics, what lies behind life.

So many on the Earth plane lack confidence in their talents and attributes. Yet each of you is born with a gift to use for earning your living. Not one soul is born without a gift. Humanity needs to learn how to find this talent and believe in it.

Humanity cannot change until those who work in the light of positive energy and believe in spirit, go out there and teach the rest of humanity about their spirit. So many of you have done many courses, studied long, yet you do not consider yourself qualified to teach others. My channel has taught over 400 souls about the meaning of life and of metaphysics since we in spirit created the course. Yet only half of those who have done the study, are using it to teach and heal others.

They have allowed the Self to divert them and stop their progress. We can use as many souls as we can in our effort to teach, what does it matter what experience you have, we will speak through you when we are ready, we just need you to BE ready. To offer yourself as a mouth piece, when you do that, we will send you those who need to hear the message.

Humanity CAN change, and You, the soul reading this message can make a contribution to that change. You just need to offer yourself to spirit, have confidence in your abilities, and then allow us to lead and guide you.

When Humanity changes, the world can be a wonderful place.


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #31  from Maitreya Speaks.