World Change

This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #161 from Maitreya Speaks.

The Earth plane is going through great change at this point of Earth time. Much is happening to clear away the old energy and bring in the new one. There is a rule of the universe: change must happen. Look at nature. The trees die in winter, in spring they grow again, in summer, they blossom, and in autumn or in the fall – as known in some countries, the leaves begin to die and fall so as to be ready for winter. The mountains are covered with snow in winter, and in spring they release the energy of the snow so that the water cascades down the mountain, bringing fresh energy to the area. Forest fires come and burn away the old trees, and this enables new growth to evolve and grow. Nature has an excellent way of continually changing. Not so with humanity!

It is humanity who does not move on, and eventually, nature has to tear down the walls of their homes, clear away the old energy, no matter how bad the devastation, so that it can create the new. With human form, souls are given a number of chances to make changes in their lives. Opportunities are given to them to effect the changes. Often, the opportunity to change is handed to them like a piece of cake on a plate, complete with the frosting and decoration. Yet many do not take that opportunity to change. Fear, doubt, insecurity, and other emotions stop the soul from moving on. They go back like a mouse into a hole, running away from a cat, back into the safety of what they have known. They are too frightened to face the change, no matter how wonderful it may be for their soul. No matter how wonderful the cake looks, they cannot take a bite!

During the next ten Earth years, you are going to see the effect of the changes that are taking place on the Earth plane at this time: tropical storms wiping away whole communities and severe weather patterns causing havoc. Global change is happening and humanity can do nothing about it. There are those who would say, “But Maitreya, can you not do something? What about God’s grace?” I will tell you now, God does have grace, much grace, but only to give you the energy to make the changes necessary for you to move on. YOU are the ones who hold back progress. YOU are the ones who delay change. Your fear of moving forward, together with your fear of change, prevents all that is necessary to be created within the universe to bring about change in a destined way.

If each soul were to follow their intuition and feelings, to have no Self and to follow their Higher Self, there would be no need for nature to create the opportunity for change, which is often catastrophic! In the case of humanity though, souls are given the opportunities to change, but very often when those opportunities are given to them, they run away in fear. There are many who beg and ask for change, and when we provide the necessary opportunity, again, they run away in fear or they listen to the words of others, which then creates fear within them.

Recently one of my web site viewers asked for change. This soul was told a door would open for change to occur. This door would then lead the soul to a higher vibration and much happiness and joy. This soul had not known much happiness and joy in their life. The universe created the opportunity for change, but what did this soul do? They became filled with fear, consumed with it, and were also in fear of something that might happen to the souls around them if this soul took up the challenge to change. This soul went immediately back into the old situation. So what happens now? The universe will create another opportunity, and then another, until the soul begins to realize it MUST make the change or die on the Earth plane.

There are many like this soul on the Earth plane who are turning it into a place of fear and insecurity. The teachings of Jesus and all other prophets mean nothing, because humanity seems unable to step out of fear. Only a handful of souls that exist on the Earth plane today make it because they have made the change for the better. When change occurs, do not blame God. God is the energy who brings the change, gives you the opportunity to make the change. Blame yourselves, for YOU and YOU ALONE, are the instigators of forced change, nobody else.

The next time you are given the opportunity to change your life or move in another direction, face the fear and do so, do not go back into the safety of the comfort zone. If you do not, then nature, or the universe will bring about forced change, which is a lot harder to deal with and face. Face your fears and take the happiness and joy you deserve, and which is yours by right.