World Peace

In order for humanity to find peace on the Earth plane, it is necessary for them to find first of all, peace in their own home or environment. One cannot have world peace, if the peace at home has not been dealt with. So much of humanity is made up of people judging each other, criticizing each other, being out of harmony with their fellow man. There are no two souls alike on the Earth plane, oh yes, there are multiple births, but even these are not identical in soul patterning and energy. Each soul is unique, each has their own identity and their own way of doing things. There is nothing wrong with this. Yet many find fault in critical judgment of others.

How many times have you judged or criticized another in the last year of earth time? Be honest with yourself! Many of you will be able to identify with this. Unless you can find peace in your own heart, come to terms with the knowledge that all souls are different, that one can have a different belief system and still be friends with and be happy with those that are that way, the world will continue to have war, anger and fear!

What can I do? I can hear you say. All you need to do is to tolerate the belief’s of another. To understand there is one God or Creator and many paths to that being. Each path is different, yet each in it’s own way leads to a different way of believing. So many souls live in the past, trapped, unable to move forward by that past. You cannot change the past, it has been and gone, however, one can learn from the past. When one starts to do this, one truly moves forward.

There is no one true faith because each soul has their own truth. There are many paths and many faiths. If the prophet Jesus were to return to the earth plane at this time, he would be appalled! His teaching was of love not hate, positive, not negative, fearless, not fearful. Yet so much of the world today is consumed by these emotions. He would be appalled at how His words have been used in war and hatred. Two thousand years after His appearance humanity is still at war with itself!

When you tolerate another, their belief, their way of doing things, then you step forward in vibration away from the critical judgmental way. You step toward tolerance and understanding. Why not try doing that if you can? Imagine a garden of many different flowers, they all live together, some tall, some small, there are rogue flowers known as weeds here and there, yet they all live together in harmony. Your world can be like that, and it starts with you, it is as simple as that.

– Maitreya

This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #46 from Maitreya Speaks