You and Your Life

Over the last year, I have been in contact through my channel with many souls who complain of the fact that they are not happy in their life because of outside circumstances. Some blame their husband or wife, some the work they do, some the lack of money or possessions.

They do not realize that they are the creators of their own reality, and that they get out of life what they put into it. I am not commenting on the physical aspects of life, but in the thought process and manifestation of one’s desires.


If you have lack in your life, it is because your belief system will not allow you to have what you desire. For instance if you lack money in this life, and do not charge for your spiritual services, it may be because you had a past life in the church and in the soul memory, you have the remembrance of living in a community where all was provided, and souls did not have to ask for money or for their well being because the church provided this for you. You may not have the recall of this, just the belief that spiritual things should be free. It may be because of indoctrination by your parents or family, to believe that it is wrong to charge for ones services. May I say, “A laborer is worthy of his hire”. Many people need to charge a fee for their services because this is how they finance their living. This site would certainly not be possible without my channel and her husband working for their living, for few people give donations to assist with their work.

In order to change your life, it is necessary to change your belief system. This is where the Self will fight you, because it does not like change and will place every argument to you to get you to stay where you are.

One soul was so upset over the treatment meted out by a family member that she asked me how she could seek vengeance! I very gently told her that to seek vengeance, would make the matter worse and keep it ongoing for many more incarnations. She did not want to listen, she was so angry, she wanted vengeance! Anger incites anger, hatred incites hatred, it is this action that for centuries has kept countries at war.

In order to change ones reality one needs to change ones life. To do this, the Self will bring in fear and doubt to stop you doing this. Only by moving forward and facing the doubt and fear will one shift in consciousness and move forward in vibration.

You create the world you live in. You are the Master of your life, nobody else. Your thoughts create your world, your existence. It is as simple as that. You can blame nobody and nothing for your failures and your lack in life, for you, because of your fear and doubt have allowed this to happen.

Change that attitude, face your fear, and you will move forward. The only power that anyone has over you is the power you give to them. Think about that, and try to move forward into a better and more positive life.


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #25 from Maitreya Speaks