Your Fear

Where does your fear come from? Think about this question? Where does it come from? If you have a fear of anything, then there has to be a beginning for that fear. It just did not come from nowhere.

Fear is energy, it is a trapped energy. So you are trapped by your fear. Many incarnations can pass where you have the same fear. It travels with you like an overcoat, incarnation after incarnation. Life after life you run away from it despite us in the spiritual world bringing that fear into your life to assist you to free yourselves from it. Once it is faced, then it no longer has any power over you, and you are free.

Where are your fears? How long have you been running away from them? and how many incarnations have passed since your fears began? These questions are very important, so why not face the fears you have now. Remember that we are just waiting for your request for assistance. We will be there to help you to face your fears and remove them from your life altogether. It may take some earth time, but one day little by little, you will take the giant leap and completely conquer all fear.

What a joyous day!


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #253 from Maitreya Speaks.