Your Third Eye

On the web site Forum pages was an instruction from a soul on how to open the third eye. The person said, amongst other things: “God closed our third eye because we were misusing our spiritual forces. So if you are seeking to open the third eye for selfish reasons it will not happen. Meditate, pray, humble yourself to God, chant (sic), dance, do the kirtan, do service with penance, yoga, read literature (sic) that expands your mind and understanding, etc.”

Although the methods mentioned are helpful, you cannot open the third eye until the blocks which you have placed deep within the soul memory are removed. God did not close your third eye because of misuse. It is not opened until your soul is ready for it to happen. Each soul chooses before birth what time that will be. God does not punish. How do I know this? I know this because I work on the other side of the veil with this being, this energy, and it is pure LOVE!

Opening the third eye has to be a slow process too, for it can take many Earth years for it to open fully. Only those souls who have done healing work on themselves and raised their vibration can experience the opening of the third eye. Depending on the soul’s vibration when it enters the Earth plane, the opening of the third eye can happen in the early puberty years, or later in life. In women it can coincide with pregnancy and menopause. In men it can coincide with a serious illness, shock, stress or accident. Something will trigger the opening. Your previous incarnations and the level of consciousness and vibration you had achieved will determine the level of vibration and consciousness brought into this life. Some souls come into this incarnation highly vibrational and on a high level of consciousness with only a small amount of lessons to learn. Other souls bring with them a heavy load to learn and to change – my channel being one of those.

My channel had been highly vibrational in a past life and had all the intuitive ability, but she was stubborn and wanted to do things her way in that life, not listening to the Masters. Hence the need for her to come back and learn very thoroughly, and having to begin on a low rate of vibration. Only when she had learned many lessons and learned to listen to us, was she then allowed to use the energy with us and her vibration raised to a high level. Yes, she came into this incarnation with an open third eye, and with many intuitive and healing abilities, but she was stopped from using them in a public way until she had been trained by us again, and learned to work with us. She had many years of training with us before we allowed her free reign to use her gift, as she did in the past on radio and in a very popular weekly magazine. God did not stop her, she chose before birth to stop herself until she had learned thoroughly to use the energy the correct way.

Know that when you are ready to do it, you will open the third eye. It cannot be rushed. Each soul who opens the third eye also has to learn to use it wisely. They alone choose to do this, nobody else makes the decision. To the soul who wrote the above message, if you wish to believe God punishes, then do so, but do not impress your ideas and beliefs onto this web site, for this site is one where God is pure love, forgiving and all encompassing, and not a vengeful, angry God who punishes.


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #169 from Maitreya Speaks