Do Not Be Afraid to Be Different

The beginning of the spiritual path is not an easy path, for it is a time when the soul declares it will have no more incarnations, and will try very hard to make the incarnation they are in their last incarnation! When they do this, the door opens to them beginning a path of finding themselves, of finding who they truly are, not what they have thought they were. You have a Self on the Earth plane, a part of you which will control and manipulate you and you often do not know it is there. In the last 60 Earth years, an increase in people being interested in metaphysics has been apparent, never before have so many people been interested in this subject; and there has never been so much information to assist those searching. For many Earth years, souls have returned again and again, trying to leave behind their returning, only to return again and again. Those souls are weary of the returning path and are seeking to close the chapter on doing so.
There are many in the world, teachers, Gurus, who will tell you about spiritual development and work, that you need to meditate, and need to fast, become a vegetarian, and to follow them; but this is not so. Meditation yes, this can help, but following a special food regime, or following a Master/Guru is not the right way. No person should give away their power; and many who ask you to follow them, take your power. You, in your need to become spiritual, give that power away, not realizing you are no longer your own Master, but that you follow a Master. There are those who tell you, if you leave their fold you will begin to see and feel things happening to you which are not good. Your fear of leaving becomes the force to keep you prisoner!
No two souls are alike, and as such each of you is different. Your body has certain needs, as such, some people are not suited to being vegetarian, or vegan; they take on the mantle of this way of eating only to create problems with their bodies. However, when the Guru/Teacher says to become a vegetarian, and they become one and it does not suit their health, they are in such fear of changing, they rarely do so, inflicting problems in their bodies for doing so. Each person should be able to make their own choices, not be instructed by the Guru/Teacher to do so. It is against spiritual law to dictate to another soul, each person was given the freedom to choose, to make choices about their own lives, and should not be dictated to. There are some who are not suited to Soy, yet this is the most common form of protein when one does not eat meat. Because you eat meat you should not feel guilty, nor should you be belittled for it. You should never give your allegiance to anyone, Gurus/Teachers are there for the soul purpose of teaching, not to dictate to you what you can and cannot do!
You originally came from two places, the star system and the Earth plane. Your body is from the Earth plane, your soul from the star system! There is a battle waging inside of you, my channel has named it the Self and the Higher Self, for some, the body needs to eat protein in the form of fish or meat, without them, the body as I stated earlier, can become sick. Many who are vegetarians or vegans have health problems which they do not realize come from the choices they made over their food choices. It is supposed to be the thing to do when one embarks on a spiritual/metaphysical path, but for some people it can cause more problems with their health. Be your OWN Master, listen to your body, what does your body need? Inside of you are the answers, listen to that inner voice and let go of fear!
Do not be afraid to be different, and do not be in fear of standing up to anyone who tells you what you are doing is wrong!


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #414  from Maitreya Speaks.