Missing Pieces of Intuition

If you are intuitive, and are prone to getting clear messages from our world, or you visit a medium or channel for a reading, there are often times you do not get the information you require? Why is this? It can be because if you were to know the outcome of a situation or the answer to a problem, the Self part of you could sabotage the outcome and ruin the outcome for you.

There is nothing wrong, except if you knew the answer, it may not come to fruition, because the Self would create blocks or issues to stop the outcome of what is supposed to happen. We cannot allow that to happen, especially if you have something important to do, or to learn from.

Everyone can have the answers to their future, it is available in your astrological transits or your Solar Return. Although, the information is there, it does not give you the answer as to when, how or why, it will just give you the possibilities available to you. For instance if you wish to sell your home, and it is not there astrologically to happen, it will be difficult to sell. If you have lessons to learn from the sale AND it is the right time TO sell, you may be denied information regarding this because if you have information, the Self could, and probably will, sabotage the Sale! Best to not know about the house! Do not blame us for the lack of information, or blame the Medium/Channel, it is done for your own good. You set up the situation before you were born. They say on the Earth plane, patience is a virtue, and it is. A situation like this will also help you to learn patience!

This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #391 from Maitreya Speaks