As we approach the year 2012, the earth plane is moving into a time when time, as you know it is changing. This has many causes. One is that your human bodies are reacting to a higher vibration of energy that is coming into the energy field on earth. This energy field has been called the Photon Energy, and it is here for a purpose. Since 1982 this band of energy has been approaching closer and closer to the earth and has been having an incredible effect on all those who are receptive to its energy. It is speeding up time, as you know it, and eventually taking you away from linear time. This energy has also been the cause of hundreds of thousands of people around the earth plane searching for the spiritual within themselves, seeking healing on many levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It is transforming many clerks, secretaries, shop workers, factory workers etc. into becoming healers, either on a full time basis or part time.

As you head toward the year 2012, this band of energy – because that is what it is – is coming closer and closer to the earth plane. It is not only creating a problem with time as you know it, it is also affecting you physically. Very few books have been written on this subject, and the few that have are so technical that you need a special dictionary just to understand the terms. It is the lack of this understanding that prompts me to write this information. I hope that it will help many people who are spiritually developed, searching spiritually, or just opening the door to understanding the changes that can occur because of this energy.

These changes are occurring because we in the world of Spirit are helping humanity to raise the vibration of their energy to cope with the higher vibration that the earth plane is going through. You may have noticed (who hasn’t?) that time – as you know it – is speeding up. Once, you had all the time in the world: you got up in the morning and time stood still all day. You meandered through the day, managed to do all your chores and then, at the end of the day, sleep. These days you are no longer out of bed and it is noon! You ask yourself, where did the day go? It soon is evening and you have done nothing that you planned to do; time has just gone haywire. The cause of this is the Photon Energy.

If you have opened the door spiritually, are on the path, or are what is termed a Light-worker (someone already working for the spiritual realms), then you can guarantee that you will have one or more of the symptoms I will write about in the coming days. As the energy changes on the planet, so your body will change. Many people will not be able to handle the energy and will decide on an unconscious level to vacate the planet either by their own hand, or by accident. But it will be their choice when it happens. For those who stay and move into the energy of the Photon Energy, not only will time not be the same as it was, but a number of symptoms may be experienced. If you are one of those experiencing these symptoms, take heart; you are not alone. Thousands of other people around the world are also experiencing them.

For many years you have been told about the earth shifting its axis, of major changes that were coming toward the turn of the century. Well, they are here, and nobody is prepared for them. It is in effect, “The Christ Energy”. It is preparing those who have been waiting spiritually for the dawning of the new age. At the same time it is “like a thief in the night,” as Christ said of his return. The Photon Energy is like a virus – silent, moving slowly through the body, waiting to come to the surface. Nobody is prepared for it, and most people in the media laugh when told about it.

This energy is affecting all of your communications systems, electricity grids, computers – in fact all areas where electrical power is used. On at least two occasions in the USA, huge power outages have been experienced with no exact cause being given. They can’t you see, because nobody has seen anything like it before and it is certainly going to change the way you look at electrical power in the future. During the next three years more and more areas of the world will experience these outages and nobody will be able to explain why.

Those who are attuned to the energy of the Photon Energy have nothing to fear. They will have worked on themselves to free themselves from their blockages and will be already on a higher spiritual dimension or vibration. They will also have gone through a lot of the changes mentioned in this blog and so will be attuned to the higher energy. The energy of the Photon Energy will not affect them because they have worked on themselves – worked on their karma, faced their Self, and worked on all the issues that have blocked them in this and other incarnations. Learn to live in the NOW! Do not worry about the past and the future. You will find it easier to cope with the Photon Energy.

So what are these changes that will occur and how will they affect you? In the coming days I will list most of the symptoms and, if possible, how to deal with them. Some changes you will just have to work through. Others you can find solutions to that will help you to cope. Through it all, know that you are raising your vibratory rate to cope with that of the planet. As one who has gone through it personally, my channel knows it is not a pleasant experience. She survived though and future editions of this blog are a survivor’s manual to help you cope also. Margaret went through the changes over twelve years from 1984 until 1996. It was a rough period, but she is glad she went through it because she worked through all of her blockages. Her chakras are clear and active. Light travels through her body clearly and swiftly. She has become powerful as a healer, more clairvoyant, and is a clear channel for the Christ energy. This energy is waiting to flow through others as well. She is a teacher, healer and spiritual counselor, but she could not have done it without the changes she went through. You won’t be able to either. Just remember that, if you are going through these changes, know that you are not alone. That in itself should help you.


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #237  from Maitreya Speaks Vol. 3.