In the next few years of Earth time, many souls will experience pain in their body which is not of this life. By this I mean it will not resonate from this Earth time, but from past lives. The Photon Belt energy is bringing to the surface many health complaints which cannot be diagnosed or explained.

The majority of these complaints will be painful. The soul will experience pain, but the doctor or health professional will not find anything manifesting from this incarnation. The pain will be there, but when tests are done, including scans and X-rays, nothing will be seen in these areas. Sometimes, there will be physical symptoms of illness, such as sores, spots, boils etc., as anger from past life energy comes to the surface, but most of the time, it will be basically pain with nothing being shown in medical tests. Lethargy, depression and lack of energy can also be experienced with these symptoms.

The energy being transmitted over the Earth plane at this time and for the next seven Earth years, is designed to bring to the surface old energy – past life energy – which has been stored in the soul memory for many incarnations. Some souls will experience on many occasions pain and discomfort that is evident in many parts of the body, not just one. This is because they have many incarnations of energy to remove and have chosen to do so at this Earth time. The Earth plane is going through huge transformation. The old energy is being cleared away, and the new energy is being brought in. Because of people?s lack of interest and education about what is happening on the Earth plane at this time, they will not often understand what is happening to them. This is especially so when past life energy comes to the surface. Only those who are educated and know what is happening will be able to understand. The Earth plane is trying to assist humanity to move forward in vibration, to enable the souls to move forward spiritually in higher consciousness.

You can ask, as some of you will, ?But why give us pain? Why allow this to happen?? We do not do this. It is created by the energies on and around the Earth plane today which are designed to assist humanity move forward. For those souls who have not experienced past life energy purging, this can have an intensive effect. Those people who have done work on themselves before, who have worked at assisting their soul to move forward will have no problem, but many will. The more you have not cleared away what is in your soul memory, the more you will have to deal with. If you are one of these souls experiencing this phenomenon, do not despair or be in fear. Seek out an alternative healer or energy healer or therapist who does past life work. Let them know your problem, and begin the work of removing layers of old energy from your body.

There may be some discomfort for some Earth time, but once it has come to the surface and been removed, it will be gone forever! Once it is gone, you will be able to see many things you could not do so before. The blocks that have been there for so many incarnations will be there no more, and the soul will be able to vibrate at a higher level of energy and consciousness. This will then make it easier to experience and see through the illusion of the Earth plane that is created by the Self!


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #145 from Maitreya Speaks Vol. 2.