There are two reasons why you could experience health problems in your life. It can be because you brought the energy from your past lives, or because you chose to experience ill health for your own learning.

Video Transcription:

Question: Maitreya, if we are the masters of our own reality, why do we have health problems?

Maitreya:  Because you bring them from another incarnation usually, but you also bring them to learn from. It is what you choose before you are born. And if it is what you have chosen before you are born or it is something that you need to learn, it is in your astrological chart when you are born.

Question: So I can become sick because I have a blockage or a disease or because there’s a major lesson that I’ve chosen to learn from.

Maitreya: Yes, yes. For instance my channel has three grandchildren, all who have health problems, and all who have planets in the 6th house of their astrological natal chart, their birth chart. Even my channel on Earth plane is not exempt from, but it is something that you choose. My channel chose to have nothing in that house. She does occasionally have a problem, which is caused by her transiting planets which are around her. But she is not destined to have serious, serious illness such as a life-threatening illness or go a long time as three of her grandchildren will do. It will be many years before they are assisted  and are free of health problems. So it is always there, but there are some who choose not to do that. There are some who never have health problems.