The many religions of the world state that one should love all humanity, and there is nothing wrong with that statement. However, before one can love anyone else, one has to learn to love oneself! So many of you have a hatred for yourself, so many of you do not like who you are. Why is this?

It is because of many issues. Past life experiences deep in the subconscious mind are often at the root of these issues. Until they are removed, you keep attracting the same conditions over and over; it is as if you are running around in a circle whipping yourself. You say to yourself, “Why do I keep having the same experiences?” “Why do I keep attracting the same kind of people?” You do this because you live the majority of your life in past life energy, and within this energy lie the emotions of so many past incarnations. All you have never expressed or released is buried deep within your soul, waiting for the time it can be released when you finally realize you want to let go of it. Some of it is buried so deep you have no idea it is there. It is only the energy of what you know as God who can help release that energy and enable you to move forward. Those experiences are like the layers of an onion, and there are many layers. Each layer is like a raw wound, which once it is removed, needs Earth time to heal and recover before another layer can be removed.

The layers of unused energy stop the flow of divine love from the creator; it is like being on the Earth plane without the Sun. Without the Sun there is no light, and without the light there is darkness. This love is the love that feeds you and assists in releasing the stored up past life energy. This energy also stops love from being experienced. Only when one can remove the layers of the onion, can one begin to love oneself truly! When the light enters the darkness, then slowly, love can be experienced. Do not look outside of yourself for love, but begin by loving yourself. When you can do this, you can truly love humanity!


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #125  from Maitreya Speaks