You do not realize how important water in your life is. We use the water around you to create the energy to work with in your world; it is the reason also; many of you have water retention, especially mediums, healers and channels. You bemoan the fact you have the retention. We applaud and thank you, because it enables us to do our work with you. We can of course work without water, but you are the ones who have the problems as we take the water from your body. This often causes you to have dry skin and a dry throat or mouth.

You may ask, “How do you use the water?” It is very much like thermal electricity you use on the earth plane to power your electricity; spiritual energy is very much like electricity only on a different vibration.  Many, who do spiritual work, when the energy is there, talk about the feeling of tingling through their fingers and body. This is the spiritual energy traveling through your body, and it is the water you have around you which enables this to flow better.

If you cannot have a fountain in your home, have a bowl of water in the room and change the water daily. You will soon realize the water is going down in the bowl more than normal. This is because we are using it for many uses. If you are working with us you need to hydrate yourself as much as you can. You can become ill if you do not have enough fluid in your body, however if you are large in size, this is mainly the water in your body. My channel stores water in her body, hence her body size.

I cannot stress enough the need for water inside and outside of your body. Often those you work with will create a place in your body for you to collect water; many men who have a large stomach will have that as their water collection place. Women collect it in many places in their body. It does not matter what type of water either, some prefer mineral water with bubbles, others plain un-bubbly water. As long as it is water we can use it.

~ Maitreya

This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #405 from Maitreya Speaks.