What Are Animals?

I have been asked many times in emails about animals and their role on the earth plane. I must say that many will disagree with what I discuss here. However, it is the truth. I have discussed animals before on my website, in my channeling on animals and karma, and about your animals taking on your conditions.

Animals are part of evolution, too; they are souls just like you are. However, they are different in that they live in the now, whereas you live in the past for most of your life and you worry about the future. Animals do not do this. By living in the now, they do not have the past nor do they concern themselves with the future. All they are concerned with is their survival – now. They can be trained to be almost human and yes, with repetition, they can understand your language. They know the words “food,” “walk,” and many other words. They soon adjust to your thinking and know that the more they love you, the more you will love them. My channel, Margaret, was concerned at placing her cat in a cattery while she went to New Zealand for a month of earth time. I assured her that, not only will the cat get good care by people who specialize in cats, but the cat will live in a state of now. Although it may be a month of earth time to Margaret, to the cat there will just be the now. There will be no time frame for the cat. Yes, the cat may miss her, but soon, it will settle down and, before it knows it, Margaret will be home.

I have been asked, “Do animals become humans?” Yes, of course they do! They evolve just as you evolved. Each incarnation they become closer to human. Usually when they become human, they are born into tribal communities where they learn to be human. They then evolve from there. Margaret once asked me where a certain fear came from, and I showed her a life where she was a dog. The recall in Margaret was incredible – she could see it all. She never doubted after that experience.

Animals can become the most wonderful of companions, friends, and even family. Many of you have had incarnations in many lives with your animals, hence the closeness you felt when you met your animal. More than anything, animals are a part of humanity, a part of Spirit. Yes, they do go into a group soul – sort of like a tribe – but when they wish to visit you or you wish to visit them in Spirit, this is made possible and you meet individually. Their love for you transcends all of time as you know it.

There are a few who mistreat their animals, and I have been asked, “What happens to these souls?” I can assure you that, when these souls see themselves in the Hall of Mirrors without the Self there, they are mortified, and what goes out must come back. In another incarnation they will not come back as an animal – despite what certain Buddhists say – but they will experience ill treatment exactly in measure to what they gave out in this life. It is the rule of the Universe: what you give out, you get back!

Love your animals, for they love you – unconditionally.


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #316  from Maitreya Speaks