What Does One Have to Do to Be Spiritual?

Some thoughts I would like to comment on.

Something that was asked of me recently, and that was the question “What does one have to do to be spiritual”?

To be spiritual means to be at peace with oneself. It also means being totally honest with yourselves and others. It means being happy, happy with life and happy with yourself. If you have any dis-ease in your life, then that dis-ease will affect your life in some way. Life was meant to be joyous. Yet so many of the souls on the Earth plane walk around so miserable and unhappy. They are in darkness for they do not see the light, society has programmed them to believe that is all there is. Yet that is not all there is, there is far more. Many souls however, do not see anything, they are caught up in the game of life which to them is miserable and unhappy.

The first step to becoming spiritual is to speak your truth to others even when one knows they will not like what you have to say. The second step is to look at your life and if it is not happy, to change it without fear. The third step is to have total faith that we in spirit will be there to lead and guide you once you let go of the fear. The fourth step is to let go of all old programming, everything that has been put there by others over the years and past lives and replace it with new thought. Thought that comes from the Higher Self. Finally one needs to be happy. Happiness is the key to becoming spiritual. One cannot be spiritual and unhappy, they do not go together.

It is at this point that the Self kicks in and starts to fight, dragging you back into the old comfort zone, and you in fear, go back with it.

It is not easy opening yourself to the spiritual and allowing spirit to lead and guide you. The Self has had its own way for so long, then along comes spirit and through intuition tries to lead you and guide you to the new beginning. However, with perseverance, one can win the battle. Your purpose on this Earth plane is to conquer the Self. Positive thoughts create happiness. Slowly but surely you can move forward out of the darkness. It does take time sometimes because the Self puts up such a struggle, but at the end of the fight, is a peace and happiness that cannot be described. That is the prize.

Life is filled with stories of souls who have gone through battles and survived. These souls are a beacon of light to those in darkness for they say to them, “I conquered the negative, I won through, often under very difficult circumstances”. I did it.

It cannot be done except by taking one moment at a time. If you can do that you are truly on your way.


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #5  from Maitreya Speaks