What is fear? It is the Self’s way of keeping you from moving on, out of the old patterns of your life. It is the energy of the unknown. The Self (ego) does not like the unknown; it likes to stay in the comfort zone, where it is comfortable. It does not like change or new experiences, whether that be in life in general, job/career, or where one lives! Fear is the worst emotion one can have, why is this? Because fear is capable of not only stopping you from moving forward with your life, but also of bringing people into your life to assist it in persuading you to stay where you are and not to move forward.

How many of you have made the decision to do something new, only to have your mother, father, family member, friend etc., persuade you against it by using another emotion, that of guilt? Fear is the survival energy within you, it does have a purpose, but it also wants to keep you safe and does not trust change. Once fear is removed, it is gone forever, and then the universe can really open the door to your true destiny, free of fear. Look at fear as a hurdle, and jump over it. Do not worry that you do not know how things will go with the new challenge, the Universe will bring what you need, either with the person/people you need, or the circumstances. Fear is what every soul needs to understand; once it is understood, life becomes easier to live and more exciting. Without any fear, what a wonderful experience life can be!


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #385 from Maitreya Speaks Vol. 4.