Why Me?

Whenever suffering, hardship, or difficulty arise, the soul in its darkness calls out and says, “Why me? What have I done to deserve this?”

If the soul were in a state of permanent bliss and happiness without strife or trouble, there would be no learning because these states do not allow for that. When there is peace and happiness there is just that. The purpose of the soul on the earth plane is to grow and expand, to climb even higher, and to free itself forever from the earth plane. For instance, at times in an incarnation one can experience periods of strife, loss of job, financial restrictions, or attack by those around one. When this happens, the Self is usually brought to the fore and starts to complain loudly, “Why me?” being the usual question. Everything is looked at from a negative point of view. Rarely is the experience seen as an opportunity to change, to move on from a situation that is stagnant, or to move forward to bigger and better things. Yes, all that comes in the form of difficulty is a blessing if only you can see that.

Many years ago my channel went through a very difficult situation in which she lost her business, her marriage at that time, and even found herself moving away from the country she lived in. She had been given warning through a reading that this would happen but, when it happened, she could only see the negative. Even at the airport waiting to leave the country she was still negative, saying “I can see nothing for myself in the new country.” Her negativity about the situation stopped her from seeing her future and the opportunities which were there. That is why she could not “see.” Nine months later she had a new life, a very popular radio program, a new career in journalism, and much happiness. Her journey to another country had brought her much success and joy, much more than had she stayed where she had been living.

Too often humankind looks to the negative when things happen instead of looking to the positive. You always fear the worst, usually because that is all life has dealt you in the past and because you have allowed only the negative in your life.

Try not to let adversity get you down. When it comes, look upon it as a friend who can give you a stepping stone to a better situation or even a higher vibration. There are no accidents; everything happens for a reason. It may be sad to leave things behind, to move on, to go through difficulty (as you see it), and to have frustration in your life, but all of these issues allow the soul to grow, if the soul allows the changes to happen and does not fight. The more you fight them, the more difficulty you will encounter.

If you look at the situation as a time to grow, move on, and expand your life, that is what you will draw into your energy because your thoughts will create your reality. If you look upon the changes with fear, doubt, or any other negative emotion, then that is what you will draw into your energy – a negative situation.

Each soul in its lifetime will go through happiness and joy, sadness and sorrow, all of it designed to help the soul to grow and move on. Often adversity can be the result of past-life actions or because the soul has chosen it as a time to grow.

An example of this is the story of an American couple in Italy whose son was shot and died as a result. They did not allow the death of their son to be a negative experience. In fact they gave his body organs for donation so that others might live. In their time of sorrow, they thought not of themselves but of others, truly a positive coming out of a negative.

The next time you find yourself having a little difficulty or hardship, instead of saying, “Why me?” ask yourself “What wonderful happening will occur because of this?” and then let it happen. It will you know!


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #248 from Maitreya Speaks.