You Are the Only Person in Your Reality!

Do you know that you are the only person in your reality? I can see a lot of you wondering what I mean by this statement. In making this statement I am teaching of letting go of everyone and everything else in your reality and living your own life.

For many this will be very hard for they have come to rely so much on others. There is a closeness by many to those close to them; and yet, these people are only there for your learning. Every soul who comes into your life is a mirror and a teacher. Their purpose is to help you to see the parts of you that need working on. The parts of you that you want to run away from. Many of these people you run away from, yet nobody is an enemy! All who come into your life are there to teach you something or mirror something that you do not want to deal with. Usually these issues have been many incarnations in being.

To you they seem so real, friends, family, enemies, you put names to them, however, they are just teachers and mirrors nothing more and they are the actors in your play that you have created before you came to the Earth plane.

What a shock for many of you to realize this! It is the truth. Only when you realize this and accept it, can you move forward. For when you accept and realize it, you then stop blaming others for your problems and predicaments and accept responsibility for your own life whether good or bad.

Nobody is meant to have a bad life, nobody is meant to be unhappy, you make yourself unhappy. You do this by being afraid to live your dreams, by procrastinating about decisions when you should just ‘Do it’. Spiritual evolvement is about letting go of the fear of doing it, it is about having faith and believing you can create your own reality. It is about loving yourself despite the fact that you may think others do not. Remember, those whom you think do this are there to mirror for you your lack of confidence and belief in yourself.

Once the lesson is learned, the person is no longer in your life, they move away, or you move away. You do not need them anymore, they move out of your play, or you move away from them. All that is negative can be turned into a positive. All you have to do is to decide to change things and be determined and not give in to the Self whose sole purpose is to try and stop you moving forward. Spirituality is not about being religious, holy or pious, it is about being true to yourself, only when you do this can you then live life the way it is meant to be. When you see those around you as mirrors and actors on your stage, then the lessons do not seem to hard, they become experiences to learn from, you can actually laugh at them. When you do this, you truly become spiritual.

Look upon everyone in your life as a gift, for they truly are, and when they do something that upsets you, ask yourself why you are getting upset. Then, you may be able to see what is needing attention in your life.


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #42 from Maitreya Speaks