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Maitreya Speaks – Anger and Forgiveness

So many souls are bringing to the surface incredible anger and frustration caused by others’ past actions and by even their own actions in their own life. One cannot move forward in vibration (raise [...]

Maitreya Speaks -You and Your Life

You and Your Life Over the last year, I have been in contact through my channel with many souls who complain of the fact that they are not happy in their life because of [...]

Maitreya Speaks – You Are Responsible for Your Life

You Are Responsible for Your Life Why do you have conflict with others? Usually it is because you have someone mirroring for you something you do not wish to see. You give so much [...]

Maitreya Speaks – The Holiday Season of Christmas

The Holiday Season of Christmas The Western world will soon be celebrating the Christmas season. Although it is a Christian holiday, many other souls celebrate this time of celebration with them. For those of [...]

Maitreya Speaks – Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts As humanity approaches a time of celebration within the Christian community, much money will be spent on gifts for this celebration. Many souls will go over their financial budget, and many will [...]

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