This is a channeled video message from Maitreya titled “Afterlife”.

Video Transcript:

Maitreya: There are many of you who wonder is there life after this life. And I will tell you yes there is. It is a wonderful place in the next life. It is a place of peace, but also happiness and joy. There are many who think that we sit around in white ropes with sandals on our feet just as the prophet Jesus did. But it is so far away from the truth. Because first of all, you are not physical. First of all, you have no body, you are pure consciousness, so you can appear as you wish to be. You can appear as whatever you wish to be seen as, and that can be anything from past life dressing that you enjoyed in a past life or it can be what you project because everything is project so those around you may see you. We have so many celebrations in our world. We have lots happiness and joy. People don’t want to return to this Earth plane because it is a place with no self. There is no self, none whatsoever, only the higher part of you.

The higher part of you does not know, want to know in our world about the self. Does not exist, the self is of the Earth plane. And it is the self which will do everything it can when it is on the Earth plane to stop you moving forward. But you see in our world there is no self, and in our world you can be who you really are in your higher self. The soul who, if it wishes to be, can you anything it wishes to be.

Everyone of you on the Earth plane will have to return home one day, and when you come home and you see your life wit the self in control, you are ashamed. Nobody judges you, you judge yourself. But why should you be ashamed, because the self is the survival instinct of humanity. Every baby that is born on the Earth plane, every child, adult, senior person has a self. You cannot live on the Earth plane without the self, for the self is survival instinct. Originally it was created, it was there to protect you, but it got changed as the years went by. And eventually it became the avenger, rather than the safety.

In our world, we are who we want to be. My channel said to me one day, master what are you wearing today, and I said what do you want me to wear. And she said do you wear jeans, and I said I can wear jeans if that is what you wish. So I wear what I wish, and sometimes I do not dress because I just choose to be consciousness. And to be consciousness means not to have anything. You will get a quite a shock when you come home to us, because what you have known on this Earth plane is no more. But it will be a pleasant shock, even looking at your life review, it will be a pleasant shock.