Learn to find your passion and live your life based on your own beliefs, not those of others.


Question: So you talk about being your own master, and that’s the path we should take., but in the world we live, we are born, we go to school, we have to get a job and become a worker, then we retired and die, seems to be very controlled. How does a person integrate becoming their own master into this world?

Maitreya: By finding your passion. Each one of you has a passion. If the Earth plane was lived according to everyone’s passion, it would be a different world. But you see it’s fear, fear of change, fear of a person, fear of your mother, your father, your wife, your husband, fear of leaving, all of these things your self puts into your being, it stops you from becoming your own master and have your own passion.

Question: How do we overcome our fear to have a more prosperous life?

Maitreya: You just do, as you raise your vibration, as you let go of one fear, another fear will come, and then you will deal with that fear, and eventually there will be no more fear. There is no body more fearful than my channel, and she had so much fear, over the past 20 Earth years, she has removed it all, and there is no fear anymore. She is finally at peace within herself. So it is finding a teacher, and finding that soul that will help you as your teacher.