Maitreya explains how to manifest what you need in your life.

Video Transcription:

Question: What is the best way to manifest something that I might need in my life?

Maitreya: To constantly thinking about it, and not allow any negative thinking to come to it. But it depends also on your rate of vibration and where your saturn is. If the Saturn in you astrological chart is in your second house (house of money), no matter how much money you need, you will be stopped from earning that money or getting that money until you learn the lessons of money. Until you have learned the lessons of what you came to learn you will be denied of whatever it is you require. You know there was a book called “Secret”, people who told to put a bank check on their ceiling with what they wanted, the amour of money they wanted and it will manifest. There are millions are waiting for it to manifest because they have not learned the lessons to attract money to them. If you constantly say I can’t never have that or things happen to other people, and etc, then that is what you attract. You have to change the thinking, you have to change the vision. But even you have not learned what you need to learn, it is very difficult to manifest what you desire, but once your learn it, it flows.