Maitreya discusses why some souls in certain situation could stay attached to the Earth plane after their death.


Question: Can you explain how a soul can become trapped on the Earth plane?

Maitreya: What do you mean by that?

Question: Some souls are stuck and unable to move on after the body has died .

Maitreya: Oh you mean an earthbound spirit. They are in fear, they may have an addiction or they may just be in fear, and in fear they cannot move on. When fear is abject, in other words it is so strong, it cannot move, it will imprison you, keep you a prisoner here. I have been asked, is it a choice? No, it is not a choice. It is just fear. The Fear also of facing the devil, of facing what people know as Satan. The fear of dying. But the thing is the devil and Satan is within themselves, nowhere else.