Maitreya discusses the foods and type of diet that are best for keeping the chakras balanced and cleansed.


Question: How can we keep our chakras cleansed and balanced?

Maitreya: Not an easy thing to do because the Earth plane is rather a dirty planet. It’s dirty because of emotions, negativity, fear, but if one really wants to cleanse one’s chakras and keeps one’s body clean, then one needs to eat the right food first of all. It is in order to have fast food once in a while, but not every week. Fruits, vegetables and wholesome food especially if it is organic because organic food from the right sources is devoid of chemicals especially fruits and vegetables. And also it is okay for one to have a glass of glass, but not too many, or a glass of alcohol, but not too many. It can help to relax the body, it is all right occasionally to eat food that is not organic or healthy. Your body responds to natural food, it is what it’s made for. But over many Earth years, many chemicals are added to food. But one should not interfere with others, because it is personal choice. And there are people who are vegetarians, who will still die. An good example is the man who was man of a pop group, became very successful. The lead singer, his wife was an vegetarian, but she died. Being a vegetarian is not a guarantee that one will live a long life, it is choice. And so your body is a barometer, if it is fed the right food, and every now and again to give it a good cleansing, especially lymphatic work out in a period of Earth time, one will stay healthy and well, but it is not a guarantee of a prolonged life.