Learn about the process of removing any fear-based emotions from your etheric body.

Video Transcription:

Question: Is it possible to fully clearing out all of fear based emotions that we carry?

Maitreya: To a degree. When you are on a high spiritual level you can remove 80% of that, but you are constantly working through issues with people, energy, situations. You can never say “Oh, I am finished”. Because you are not finished until your removal from Earth plane when you die. You know the issue is that it can take a whole life time to work through and clear. It depends on how your Self treats you may I say that. If you have fear, the Self has fear, then you will not go far. If you can face the fear, and get involved with emotions, then one has a higher chance of raising one’s vibration. You know that there is a discrepancy between judgment and choice. Judgment is one constantly criticize another, choice is where you make the decision not to have a person or a situation in your life at anytime. But so many people think judgment, especially spiritual people (people on higher rate of vibration), is not a good thing. But it is actually not judgement but it is a choice. Everyone of you is opened to make choices. I hope that answers your question. You should not feel guilty because you make a choice, sometimes choices are meant to happen for the other person to learn lessons. But you can’t see that and you feel so guilty because you are involved in it, but you are meant to make that choice. Once again sometimes your emotions carry you away.