When asked how communication works in the World of the Ascended Masters, Maitreya describes how messages are passed by thought.

Video Transcription:

Question: How do you communicate in your world? Do you use language?

Maitreya: No, you have no voice, you do it via thought. For instance if you send out a thought to someone, it is in a way like sending telephone call on your level, and as such if that person is talking to somebody else (not talking in a way but communicating), one gets an inner knowing that they are engaged. However, the one receiving the message if they are busy or communicating to someone else will have a inner knowing to call you once they finish. It is a different way all together, but it is how it works in our world, and again it is difficult to understand because you are so use to opening your mouth and speaking. A very interesting question this is, because it was asked me many Earth years ago, I was asked if I used sign language, if I did that, if I communicated with others via sign language because we have no voice. No, we communicated in thought. Some of you, can I say have this ability on a very very small level, by you know somebody is thinking about you. You have this knowing that somebody is thinking about you, and as such it is when they are tinkling about you and wanting to call you on the telephone and that kind of thing.