Maitreya talks about how living in the now can assist you in increasing your awareness, being detached, and not creating any new karma.


Question: Can you talk about the karma we create on a daily basis?

Maitreya: It is difficult because you on the Earth plane are not aware of, unless you are aware of past lives, you are not aware of what you have done in past, in other incarnations. But the interesting thing is if one is detached and emotionless, one does not create karma because there is just the now. There is just a now, there is no emotion, no fear, not doubt, it is just there. The thing is that when I talked about my channel and her family, family in general, including her husband and close friends who are have become her family, it is very difficult because one is so close to them, it is the closeness that is important. Because when one is in a raised vibration and sensitive, one has no control because you feel their energy, their pain, their suffering, their anger, but if one can detach from that, then one can be emotionless, and one will not create karma, it is living in the now. How many times have you thought to yourself I hope they suffer or I am so angry with them, what a waste of energy, what could you be doing with that energy, but it is so easy if one does not have knowledge to create karma. And then when one does know, it is not just one session of past live energy that has to be removed, it is sometimes hundreds layer upon layer upon layer.