In your life plan you develop choices of how you will accomplish something. It is those choices that make up the free will part of your destiny path.

Video Transcription:

Questioner: So then if we have a life plan, we have destiny. There is a destiny there, but we also have free will.

Maitreya: Oh yes.

Question: So could you talk a little bit about that conundrum, and how we navigate from one to the other?

Maitreya: Well for instance, you may choose fifteen ways to meet your partner, and one partner comes in and chooses not to go with you, so another one comes in and another one and another one until you choose the right one or you choose not to have a partner. And if that is the case then you will come back again to do it again. There are some who have abject fear of having a partner, they are terrified of losing their freedom, losing their individuality, not being in control. There are some even who are terrified of sexuality, and what sexuality is and all the connotations to that. They are terrified of contact with another on a sexual level. But you have choice, you’re a given choice, because when you’re not given choice, you would be a robot. So you have the ability to make the choices that you do, and if you do not make the choices, then you will just repeat it in the next incarnation. You draw into your energy specific star signs to teach you. With my channel it was Aquarians, because she was a very flighty, over dramatic soul. And Aquarians bring into her, brought into her life detachment. I believe you are married to, uh not married but in a partnership with an Aquarian.

Questioner: That’s correct.

Maitreya: And so you know how they detach, very easy isn’t it.

Questioner: It is.

Maitreya: Frustrates you doesn’t it.

Questioner: Yes it does, it confuses me too.

Maitreya: Yes, because you are supposed to learn detachment, and she is there to teach you detachment. Unfortunately, you haven’t learned it yet, keep going.

Questioner: I will do, thank you.

Maitreya: When you have a particular star sign, and people say why do I keep attracting Cancer people, well it’s because they’re trying to teach you something, but you don’t want to see it, you see.

Questioner: So if I come into an Incarnation with a lot of Scorpio energy for example and I don’t learn that lesson. In my next life where I may come back as a Libra, but would I have a lot of astrological energy in Scorpio?

Maitreya: Yes yes yes.  It is all based on your astrological energy. My channel in a past lifetime was a Leo, in this lifetime she has her moon (her emotions) in Leo. It has made it harder for her in the beginning because she was so dramatic. She’s no longer that way, but it has taken over sixty Earth years for her to learn that.