Maitreya explains that one of the purposes of living on the Earth plane is to learn to let go of your emotions. Once you can achieve detachment, you can gain true clarity on your life.


Question: Can you explain more about the concept of detachment?

Maitreya: Detachment is very interesting because you have great planetary awareness on this Earth plane. You have the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, the Planets and living on the Earth plane the Moon is a part of your life and as such it is an emotional planet. It influences your emotions. 

You are all here on the Earth plane to let go of the emotions. When the emotions are there, you cannot see the truth. For the Ego is the emotions as well and it loves the Moon. Because the moon brings in the emotional part of you. So if something happens to you, I’m trying to…I’ve asked to be given an example. Yes, well you are blamed for something that you know you did not do, and so you get very angry, upset,  very emotional, you cannot stop thinking about it. The Self keeps bringing it up, giving you one excuse after another for why you did it, what a waste of energy, but that is how you are without detachment. And you cannot let it go, it’s like a dog with a bone, the Self.

However if one is detached from emotions, one is also without any emotions. Without the emotions, one can see clearly. One can see Why, How, What and Who. And so as such detachment is all about letting go of emotion. 

My channel, oh my channel, she laughs at it now and talks to people about her oscar-winning performances. They all came from a past life, and also she chose to bring them back into this lifetime to conquer them. And over the years, she has had some wonderful performances, but my influence in her life, my energy and the energy of the other masters, the Ultimate Being as you know Go hasis enabled her, probably the equivalent of 85%, to remove the emotional body, the emotions from her being. The only way now that she has emotions is when it comes to family or to her cats because they are very close to her. She gave birth to them, she has been with them very closely, and so she has great difficulty in detaching from family situations.

Detachment is all about letting go of the emotional body, the emotional being that is part of you. Once you start doing that, all of a sudden you can see things clearly, you can see things as they really are, not as your Self would you like you to see it. And so that just detachment, detachment of the emotions.