Maitreya explains how someone, even a spiritual teacher, is not allowed to tell others what to do.

Video Transcript:

Question: Can you speak about the practice of spiritual teachers telling other people what to do?

Maitreya: This is a very difficult thing because a lot of teachers insist you do what they want you to do. First of all if a teacher tells you to do something, you must be very careful. You are your own master, you came to work through your own issues, and not to be told what to do. So many souls are frightened of following their own intuition that they rely on others to tell them what to do. You are not allowed as a teacher or an intuitive to tell a soul what to do, you can give them choices, while you could do this for a career or do that for a career, but you are not allowed to tell a soul what they should do, but so many do. A true teacher, you will know, so it is only yourself that says “oh don’t go to them” because they know, self knows that they will give you and make you do your own questioning, but you should not listen to anyone that tells you that they need to buy a candles for you, or they need to say an incantation for you, and that by donating money you will free them of their karma, the thing is it is a very difficult situation. If one is truly searching and seeking, one will definitely find the teacher. However there are those who for some reason will run away from a teacher because of I can’t afford that or they charge to much money, etc. Tare the true teacher; they really are the true teachers, because they will not do so, unless of course it is your karma to be in a situation like that. You see this is where it is a very difficult situation, you may of chosen to have somebody so you can make your own mind up, somebody telling you what to do, but if it doesn’t feel right, don’t go with it. Do not allow your fear of your own feelings to stop you.