Maitreya explains such things as the comfort zone, change, and how your emotions can cloud your vision. By learning to step aside, you can see the truth as it really is.

Video Transcription:

Alan: Detach from the Emotional Body. There is nothing wrong with emotion, only attachment to it.

Maitreya: Emotion is connected to the Self part of you. The Self part of you is the survival instinct within you. And it does not like change., it does not like challenge, and it wants to stay in the comfort zone. And it creates emotion, so that you cannot see what you really should see.  Because when you are on the grips of emotion, you cannot see anything. However, when you step aside from emotion, and not allow it to become a part of your life. Then and only then, can you see the truth as it really is, because emotion clouds everything. And may I say, often the emotion is triggered by other people. In other words, something somebody says or something that somebody does. And so once you get rid of the emotional energy within you, which is often also brought on by past life energy, past incarnation memory, then you are more intuitive, you do not react, and it is a far better place to be.

Alan: So you become your own master rather than letting emotion become your master.

Maitreya: Exactly! Thank you, exactly.

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For those on the spiritual path, those who have chosen to tread the path of spiritual growth, life can become very heavy as one becomes aware of the emotional body and how it can be affected by the path of growth. The whole purpose of your spiritual path is to let go of and move on from the emotional body. Read more…