This is a channeled video message from Maitreya titled “Energy of Color”.

Video Transcript:

Maitreya: My message for you at this time is about color. The energy of color, what it can do for your life. You are all vibration, you are all consciousness, you are all energy. The colors that you wear reflect the way that you feel, your general health and will help you to attain a higher rate of vibration.

You may not realize it, but green is a beautiful healing color, along with color blue. My channel, before I really came into her life, use to take with her the color orange. She would put an orange pillow wherever she went to do her work. As long as she could see the orange color, she would be vibrant, it would help her energy wise. When you look at the color brown and you look at it, you see a dull color, it does nothing for you. Replace that with the color yellow, and you have such an energy.

The color of clothes that you wear reflects how you feel, and so if you wear dark colors, your energy is lessened. Many people think that because my channel wears a lot of black that she wears it to hide, and also she does not particularly like color. That is wrong, very wrong. Because her energy is so powerful with my presence with her that if she were to wear color, with her energy it would make it worse for wearing the color. It would affect her very much, and also affect those around her. By wearing the color black and a small color, such as the scarf she is wearing, there is enough energy there to really do some wonderful things. But if she wears the scarf that she wears as a dress, it would be too much for her.

If you wish to know more about life in your world, if you wish to learn more about color, I would suggest that you learn and study because it is a wonderful energy, the energy of color. There is so much to it that you do not realize. So have a look at the colors that you wear and ask yourself what do they do for me. You will be surprised, you will be very surprised.

Thank you!