This is a channeled video message from Maitreya titled “Family”.

Video Transcript:

Maitreya: Good day to you. One of the many issues in society today is family, family loyalty. And you must remember that in a family there can be many different souls with very different vibrations. You have what is termed on the Earth plane the black sheep of the family, doesn’t fit in anywhere, usually is rebellious and is a problem. There is nothing wrong with that, when you look at their birth chart you can see they came to be that way. And yet they are judged, often put outside of the family, laughed about, etc. And yet there is nothing wrong with them, they are just different.

As you all are different on the Earth plane, and in family it is worse than anything, but you need to be who you are, you need to be your own master, but you feel so guilty about being different. Don’t allow yourself to do that, be different, be your own master. And you will find by doing that you will go against your family or your friends or whoever it is that you are close to. But you need to let go and just be yourself. So you consider yourself a rebel, you are not a rebel, you chose to be a rebel. But a rebel is a somebody against everything, fights everything. And in your natal chart, birth chart astrologically, yes you may have tendency to be like that, but you have come to be the person that you are, not what the people want you to be.

Have no fear, have no guilt over being different. It is a wonderful thing to do and to be. Let go of blame, let go of guilt, let go of fear. If other people do not like what you do, it is their problem, not your problem. You are being you, it is just that they are not used to you being you. Remember that you are a soul in a body, and that soul in a body is a part of our world, and in our world we do not let others dictate for us or tell us what to do. I hope you have learned something today with this message, and I thank you for your attention. Good day to you.

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