This is a channeled video message from Maitreya titled “Forgive Yourself”.

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Maitreya: Good day to you! For many on the metaphysical or spiritual path, one of the hardest thing to do is to forgive yourself. You have all of you gone through so many life experiences, and many of those life experiences have been very negative if you would call it experience. Of course they are not because from every experience, whether positive or negative, one learns a great deal. But the self part of you sees everything you do, and also makes you feel terrible for the things that you did that it considers wrong.

You are, all of you, on a path of learning, you are of all on a path of growth. And if you make mistakes, which all of you do, the one thing you must learn to do is not blaming yourself, is not giving yourself anything that can come back to you from the self. Because the self is very cruel, the self is very difficult to deal with. And if you have got things from your past that you haven’t forgive yourself for, it is time to sit down and either make a list of the things that you need to deal with or say affirmations to clear them from your energy.

Many people spend hours, days, weeks, and years unforgiving because they think they did something wrong, but you did nothing wrong. It was just a choice that you made, and as with everything as I have said before you learn something from that experience. It is a teaching tool. The self part of you says I hate myself, I can’t never forgive myself. And from the moment that you say that it becomes, and eventually if it is not dealt with and released, it will become an illness, it will become a dis-ease. That is where the word disease comes from. Dis-ease, you are not at ease, you are not at peace.

Forgiving yourself has to be one of the most important things on your spiritual path, metaphysical path. It has to do with releasing energy. Releasing the energy that you have put there, because you will not forgive yourself. My channel once had a client who would not forgive, and eventually it became arthritis in her hands and her feet. To the point where you could not wear shoes because of the pain of the arthritis. And if she did not take any pain medications, she could not wear her shoes. It was very painful for her, but she would not forgive. All she had to do was to forgive her sister. But she would never do that, and each time she came into Margaret’s energy and was around her, it seemed to get worse. Because Margaret’s energy, even then, was a healing energy, and a very powerful one at that. So every time she came into her business and she was around Margaret, it would make it worse. Because what was actually happening was it was bringing the resentment, the anger, the frustration that this woman felt to the surface, to trying to release it, she stemmed down again, she would not let it go. And finally she past over, riddled with arthritis, not only in her hands and her feet, but in her whole body. And she will have to come back, eventually when she makes the choice, and she will make the choice, because in our world there is nothing to stop you.

The self doesn’t go to our world, only the higher self of you goes. The self has no reign in our world, it is only then you can see the truth, only then you can see what happened as it happened and why. And so it is very important to forgive yourself for whatever you have done. Allow yourself to be free, allow yourself the freedom of not having that whatever it is you have not forgiven yourself for, weighing on your mind. If it’s necessary for you to go talk to somebody, a therapist, or a counselor, then go and do so. Do not take it with you into another incarnation, if that is what you choose to do once you come home. If you wish, write a note to yourself, I forgive myself for whatever it is, there is nothing good, there is nothing bad, there is only learning. Thank you!