This is a channeled video message from Maitreya titled “Healing”.

Video Transcript:

Maitreya: I wish to speak with you today about healing, because there are many ways to become unwell. One of those ways is through past live energy. You do not realize it but you bring with you from your past lives emotional issues that have not been dealt with before. And if you have spent a number incarnations with those emotions and they have manifested into the physical in other lives, they will be very strong in this life.

All illness, all health problems are emotionally based. They come from stifling energy, not releasing energy, being concerned and giving energy to energy. So that you never release it, it becomes a problem. And so incarnation after incarnation, you not dealing with it, it becomes a major force of issue. Many many many souls at this Earth time are bring to the surface, with the energy of Photon Energy, many past live illnesses and health problems. Most of you do not even realize that you have them, or that you can deal with them, but I will tell you now you can.

But there is so much fear over releasing energy, so much fear of letting go. Once you have let go of the change that will come. Healing should not be a hard issue. You have come to heal, yes you may have to suffer for a short while or even a long while, but eventually if you allow it to happen you will go to someone, a healer, past life regressionist or therapist, a spiritual healer, somebody you will find who will be able to help you release the energy inside of you. Once that energy is gone, then you will be whole again.

Someone once asked me about the man John of God, and was he genuine, was he a healer? Because many go to him who do not get healed, he is a healer but he is like all healers, they cannot heal everyone. Your intentions has to behind it, your belief that you will be healed. And sometimes, if you have not dealt with the emotions involved, that will stop the healing also. And you can say I have let go of everything, I am ready to be healed, but you have not. And once again there are those trained on the Earth plane to look at your energy, to look at your aura, and to speak to you of what is wrong in your body, in your mind, and of course what is in your emotions. Let me repeat again, if you are not well, you have come to be healed. You have not come to suffer, but you allow yourself to suffer by your refusal to do things. And healing does not happen overnight, it takes many weeks, months, and maybe years if it’s on a mental degree like mental illness or something such of that for it to be completely removed from your physical body.

Humanity knows nothing about energy. You think you are just a body, and some of you think and know that you have a soul. But can i say to you, you are body (physical), mind (mental), and you are spiritual. And the spiritual part of you is not holy or religious, and doesn’t have to be. It has to love itself, honor itself, and also be at peace with itself. And for many souls on the Earth plane, many many souls, there is no peace whatsoever. No peace. If you are not well, if you are bothered about an illness or you are not comfortable within your body, then it is wise to go and see somebody who can help. Somebody who understands energy because humanity does not understand energy. You do not know of the auric body, you do not know of the spiritual side of you.

Let me repeat again, the spiritual side of you is not religious, it is not holy, it does not have to be a vegetarian, it does not have to give up the things that it likes, but it does have to have peace within oneself. Do you have peace inside of yourself? Do not make excuses, because you are the creator of your own reality. You and you alone. You do not have to be unwell, but you often will not seek the help in a natural way with those who read your energy, and those who can help you release inside of you. And when you do release, you will cry, whether male or female, you will cry. And as you cry, the energy is released, slowly, surely it is released. Just know you can find somebody to give you the healing that you require. But as I stated earlier, it does not happen overnight, there is no abracadabra, no magic wand, it takes Earth time. And if you can give it Earth time, you will remove it forever. I sincerely hope that some of you, if not all of you will seek the healing that you desire. Do not look at the money aspect, that is what the self does, oh you cannot afford that, oh you cannot do that. Yes you can. What is better for you, a full bank account or good health? I will leave that question with you. Good day to you!