There is not a Hell as it is understood by humanity. You are the only one who judges yourself when you pass on.


Question: Maitreya, is there a hell?

Maitreya: No, this is hell, the Earth plane. This is hell if you wish to call it that. There is no hell in our world, but that does not mean to say it is total bliss when you die. You have to see what you did, you have to look at yourself, look at the people you have hurt, and also the people that you blessed, the people you did good works for. You judge yourself, there is no devil or satan. You judge yourself, and for those for do, it can be a time of incredible pain, because as I said earlier, you do not have a self and so with no self, there is no lies, no excuses, no poor me, because that is what the self is, poor me.