After you are finished with your life, you make choices as what you wish to do. You can chose to work in a variety of roles in the Spirit World, where you continue on your soul’s evolution.


Question: What is life like in the spirit world? What do I do for the rest of eternality?

Maitreya: You go into a place of looking at your life, and nobody judges you, you judge yourself. You go to meet your spirit family, those who have past on before you, those who have been waiting for you while you are doing your time on Earth, and then after that you make choices as to what you will do. Some work on the levels of helping the masters, who are the master teachers, who are experienced beings, very much like your CEOs, are the master teachers and masters. Some choose to work in the counseling area, some choose to work in the halls of learning, where you go and learn all that you need to know before you come back to the Earth plane. There are many opportunities to work, but can I say to you, none of it is work, it’s enjoyment. And then there are some again who choose not to do anything, they just want to take it easy, that is also in order, but soon boredom gets in, you need to do something. There are plenty of things to do in spirit world.

Question: From a personal level,. what does one need to work?

Maitreya: There is no work as such, you call it work, we call it passion. In our world, there is fulfillment on every level, no matter what you do, because you are serving the ultimate being, you are serving what you call God. Just to be in that energy, it is incredible.

Question: Once I’m on the other side, do I continue to evolve or do I reach a state of perfection?

Maitreya: You continue to evolve, it can take equivalent of millions of Earth time just to get to my level. I can even go higher if I wish.