Maitreya describes the evolutionary process he took in becoming an Ascended Master.


Title: How Maitreya Became an Ascended Master

Question: Maitreya, how did you become an ascended master?

Maitreya: Much hard work. I started like all of you do, by having an Earthly existence, then by passing to this world I am in, then working first as a guide, then a guardian spirit, and then a junior master. For many of our years, you think you are the only ones with time, there is no time as you know it in our world, but there is time. It is a different time. As I worked, assisted, and helped, I raised my vibration in our world, became more and more educated, more and more ready. And so I am now a Master, it has not been an easy road for me. For being a master, comes with a great responsibility. It has no ego, it has no judgement, it has no conditioning, one is completely detached, and yet compassionate, loving, and understanding. That is how I became what you call an Ascended Master. Really an Ascended Master sounds very important, but it is actually just a teacher. That is all we are. We are teachers, mentors for those below, and teachers on the Earth plane.