This is a channeled video message from Maitreya titled “Metaphysical Principles”.

Video Transcript:

Maitreya: Are you one of those people who tends to make fun of those around you? You do not realize if you are on the metaphysical path that really what you are doing is against the rules of metaphysical principles. So many of you take great delight in making fun of those around you not realizing that those people or that person could have deep insecurities, deep problems relating to their past, which you being the way that you are in triggering, can release energy which can bring the insecurities that they may have. Even the fears they may have into their life again. It is not very nice to have some body making fun of you.

In the world today, on the Earth plane, people take great delight in telling other people things that are untrue or things which make them feel embarrassed. But you do not realize that on the metaphysical level, one of the metaphysical laws so to speak is not to hurt another. By doing that, by saying things to someone, by sometimes saying things which are untrue, you are literally breaking the laws of metaphysics.

The metaphysical ladder so to speak begins with just slowly changing yourself, and you do not do deliberately, it is done for you by the universe. If you are on a metaphysical level, the self part of you will do everything it can to keep you back. It does not mean to say that you cannot laugh and have fun because that is very good for you, but not at the expense of others. Many people who have worked through their issues of their lack of confidence, lack of self-esteem, do not realize that deep within them are layer upon layer of other energies which they have not dealt with. It can also bring back into the energy memories of the past. You cannot say you are metaphysical if you make fun of others at their expense, especially when others laugh at what you are saying, you are discussing.

It is a normal thing for the Earth plane today, to make fun and laugh and joke at other people. But the thing is if you are on your spiritual or metaphysical path, you do not hurt another. You do not say untruth against another, and you try as much as you can to uplift people, rather than put them down. I hope if you are one of these people that you will think about your actions. People don’t say what they feel, they don’t admit usually that they are hurting, but they go away and the pain is very strong. It is not good to be on the level of awareness, and moving into a higher rate of vibration and then pull yourself down with actions which are not good for you. Do not, if you can help it, hurt another in any way. Thank you!