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You are all mirrors for each other. What you see in another that you do not like or which annoys you is what you need to look at within yourself. It is an aspect of yourself which is being brought to your attention. It is saying, “Look, this is what you need to see,” yet often you are so frightened you either banish the person from your presence or you run away from it. Read more…

Video Transcript:

Alan:  So every soul who comes into your life is a mirror and a teacher. Often your worst enemy on the Earth plane can be your best friend in Spirit who has come to help you to learn your lesson.

Maitreya: This is very strange for many people to have to understand that everybody is there to mirror for you, to show you what you do not want to see within yourself. You know I can demonstrate this with a story. My channel was very dramatic at one stage in her life, we used to say that she could win an Oscar with her performance and her emotional energy. So she needed to learn to let go of that, so we brought into her life and she chose to have it before she was born a woman who was ten times worse than her. She had to live with Margaret, and Margaret had to look at her everyday with her dramatics and her role playing of the energy of emotion. And after two Earth months, Margaret said ‘My gosh I’m looking at me’, and so then she started to realize that’s how she looked and decided she didn’t want that anymore. And she gave it away, that’s it.