This is a channeled video message from Maitreya titled “Part Time Spirituality”.


My teaching with you at this time is what we in our world called part time spirituality. So many of you wish to learn about the world of spirit. Many messages and posts have been written by not only myself my energy, but also by the energy of other masters. They have been placed on Margaret’s website for all to access and to read. By reading them, one can raise one’s vibration. And the more one reads them the higher in vibration one can go. However you have a self, and the self part of you does not want you to go any higher, wants to keep you in the comfort zone. So you have the higher self part of you desperate for learning, the lower self part of you the self who does not want to know at all. And over the Earth years it would trying to stop you from going higher, higher and higher.

The self makes excuses, oh I can’t do it because of this, oh no i don’t have the time, oh I have the responsibility of this. We do not say to you that you must pay attention, but we do ask if you wish to leave the body after this incarnation that you read and study as much as you can. We have tried to make your reading as easy as possible. We do not tell you what to do, you have free reign over everything. But there is one key, that is the more you read the more you will understand. One way of doing this, we have created for you is the Wisdom Cards. On each card is a writing from myself or one of the masters, they have all contributed to the writings in the cards. And the Wisdom Cards are filled with the most wonderful assistance to help you to raise your vibration. If you can do that and you can use the cards, they will take you to a higher level of vibration.

You can if you wish being a part time spiritual / metaphysical person, but the thing is the higher you wish to go, the more you need to read. It is simple as that. The Wisdom Cards are the epitome of our work and our life in our world. And also to help you to raise your vibration and live a better life. Thank you!