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During your incarnation, many of you will meet with those you have been with before. For some of you, the feelings and emotions will be so overwhelming that you believe you are in love, even though you may be married or living with someone else. The emotions which come to the surface, together with the feelings you have, will defy all you can imagine. Why is this? It is because you are connecting with an unfinished energy. Read More…

Video Transcription:

Alan: So your fears and doubts are trapped in the soul memory from past lives that you hold back, and it holds you back on your spiritual path. Release the past life energy, and free yourself to become your own master.

Maitreya: It is mostly past life, but the thing is that it can also be from this life, from childhood. But it is all about releasing that, and not having it, because it then becomes emotion. If that explains anything.

Alan: Right, you also I heard you say before, you kind of make the word disease into two words: dis and ease, and that’s a little bit with your with your past life energy being trapped within you if you don’t bring it to the surface.

Maitreya: Yes, for instance, if you have dis-ease in your throat, and you have not spoken what you should have done in past lives. From the moment of thought is created of what you want to say, if it is not released it stays there, because thoughts are things. People think that they can let go of a thought and it’s gone. Oh no, it stays there in the chakra or the spiritual part of you, the etheric part of you that is only for when you come home. You are body, you are mind and you are also spirit. And spirit is basically something that you cannot see, but there are people who can see it, clairvoyance and intuitives who sense and see. And that part of you is a very important part of you. You are a sum total of all that you have done.