Sound Healing creates a beautiful vibration that the body responds to. In order to be most effective you need the right channel to bring through the energy.

Video Transcription:

Question: Maitreya why is sound healing so powerful?

Maitreya: Because it is a vibration, and the body responds to vibration.There is a specific energy connected to sound, and when it is made, it is brought in from our world. It is very very powerful for healing, very very powerful. It is very difficult to explain from our side what exactly happens, because there is whole lot of other things connect to it, because it is connected to the Ultimate Being (or many of you know as God). If it is done by the way by someone who knows what they are doing, there are lots of people out there who profess to do sound healing, but they are not, it is just noise. You need the right connection, the right medium, the right energy and you will have a beautiful results.

Question: For the people at home who don’t know, Maitreya we asked you this question couple weeks ago, you actually did a tone and it complete corrupted our recording. Is it because of the high vibrational energy?

Maitreya: Yes it is. That was mild, I only send out a light tone, imagine what would have happened if I have send out a heavy tone. You know our energy, if I am allowed to say this, when it is channeling through a clear channel (Margaret has not always being a clear channel, only in the last few Earth years has she being really really clear), when it is send through a clear channeling, there is hardly any blocks, none at all really that can impede the energy. You know what you don’t realize is the power of thought, and that whoever is sending the message has any impediments in any way, those impediments will be transferred to the sound. That may surprise you, but you have to very very careful with sound and sound therapy.

Question: It is surprising, but it makes total sense, because that person is filtering that energy through their body.

Maitreya: Exactly, exactly. It is the same as, we are going right away from the subject of sound now, but it is the same with those who are teaching, and have a set conditioning, and that set conditioning comes down into your vibration. For instance you have people who imagine that we are angelic beings, absolutely pure, and we have not impediments. We don’t have impediments, but we do have our own soul memories, and of course we are masters, we have conquered them (got ride of them in other words). But there are many who think we are absolutely pure, but we on the lower levels are still working through the issues that we had on the Earth plane, we might gave remove them, but we have to clear them. It is very involved, and it has all got to do with the soul that transmits the energy. Perhaps one day I will explain it all.