Through your lives you are seeking enlightenment, learning to defeat the Self and working through any karma you have created.

Question: Maitreya, why have we incarnated into this world?

Maitreya: Because it is a very long story, but first of all, you have come to learn lessons, to go through experiences. Many of them termed karmic. In other word, you have done things in the past, which have not conducive in universal law. There is a universal law, so as such you need to come back and work through again, again, and again. It can go on for many many incarnations, until you finally become enlightened and aware. But it is also to fight a thing called “the self”. To battle this part of you that is the sole survival, and you come back to work through that. Some souls actually choose to come back to work with the masters, they just want to come back to work. They have not attained enough vibrational (raising or consciousness), that they cannot come back. Because once you come to our world, then you start raising your vibration of your energy, of your soul. After a certain, probably 2 raises of consciousness, you can no longer return. If you have a karma to repay, or debt to repay, or you need to experience something, then you will come back after you have come home, and had a rest, and you will go back again.