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The Higher Self will always lead you to safety and, may I say, to a better life and better conditions. It does not want you to live in a negative way. It does not control either, but suggests the higher way. The Higher Self has all the answers, but the Self keeps getting in the way. Read more…

Video Transcription:

Question: So how do I know if I’m listening to the Higher Self or the Self part of me when I’m making a decision?

Maitreya: Well can I say to you, while the ego is there, that’s very hard to do. Because the ego, the Self, will give you excuses and blame anybody it can but you. You know that you are in the Higher Self when you no longer question, when you no longer blame others, you accept full responsibility for truth, and when you give no energy to it either. Learning to let go, learning no to punish oneself. You are greatly into punishment on the Earth plane. Punishment for your guilt, punishment for your fear, punishment for this, punishment for that. You love your punishment, your self punishment. But in a way, it is how the Self by punishing itself takes you away from the Higher Self, simple as that. There is a lot more to it of course, but in a nutshell as you say on the Earth plane that is it.